Transmog.......is it worth it??

Transmog.......its a funny market I find, because there doesn't seem to be set pattern of sales. I find like in real life everyone is different. So I have been thinking of how to get more sales in this market.

  • Do I just keep posting what stock I have and not worry about trying to find out what people want?
Selling this way would be the easy option, but if I did keep going this way the most I make is around three thousand gold a week. I still think I'm going to work this way a little bit, so I can sell off old stock and pick up some of them random sales. But I don't see this as my long term plan for Transmog!!

  • Do I start only selling items that I have sold before, by checking the Accounting Module on TradeSkillMaster?
This option isn't going to work, because I don't sell many items more than once, apart from the shirts that you can buy from Dalaran. So lets bin this idea lol.

  • Do I research what sets of armor sell the most and start making these sets?
I am going to see if I can get some more sales using this method, as I think this may be the only real way of getting the sales I want/need. Next thing I need to do is locate the basic sets and start to build these up ready for selling. 


First thing I did was take a look at what items I already had in stock using Item Tracker and then i used WoW Transmog to search for sets that matched the items.  I found this website really useful, it helps you to view other available armor sets.

After picking some sets out that I liked the look of, I thought it would be a good idea to make a shopping group. Here is the list of the sets below:

I've started out with twenty three sets which might be too many, but I can always reduce the number at a later date.

Pricing wise I'm using the following set-up:

Transmog Sets

Alabaster Plate set

All of these items drop from world mobs, so you should find them on the Auction House. I  personally think that this would look good if you had a white shirt on underneath. 

Dropped by lvl 50 mobs

Selling Prices - Min 3500g, Max 5000g

Jade Plate Set

This set really stands out and looks good on a female!! The price for this set is very high.

Dropped by lvl 50 mobs

Selling Prices- Min 21000g, Max 25000g

Magnificent Mail Set

Its a bit bright, but its quite popular. I'm not sure about the Helmet, I think you could find a better looking one.

Dropped by lvl 50 mobs.

Selling Prices- Min 9000g, Max 12000g

Imbued Netherweave Cloth Set

Imbued Netherweave Boots
Imbued Netherweave Pants
Imbued Netherweave Robe
Imbued Netherweave Tunic

This is a crafted set (Tailoring), so it would be possible to make this yourself, otherwise check out the Auction House.

Selling Prices- Min 1550g, Max 3000g

I have not made all the sets available as this is just a taster, however, I will be adding all of the sets to my blog.


Below shows a few possible ways of making sales:

  1. Posting all the items on the Auction house - I don't see this being the best way forward, however I think selling transmog on the Auction House is good for random items and the reason for this is because I could be undercut on certain items in the set.
  2. Using Trade Chat as my main selling tool - I have been told you can use an addon called Guild Recruitment Helper, I know we all often get spammed by guild invite addons but this one might help me in Trade Chat. By using this addon it allows me to set a macro which posts a message in trade after a certain time period. I haven't used this addon before, so I'll give it a go and see how a get on. 

Right I'm going to finish there and start checking the Auction House for any missing items!!



How to add my Vendor item list's to TSM.

I did do a video about setting up groups for vendor items, but that shows more about setting up prices and doesn't show how to Import strings of items or how to use Restocker. Some people in my Twitch chat have asked for a list that they can import right into TradeSkillMaster. So I thought I would start again as I've worked hard to make sure I've got all the items from Orgrimmar and Stormwind. I'm planning on visting Dalaran and Stattrath to see if there is anything there I can sell and make gold!!

Please not that you may want to download all of the modules for TradeSkillMaster. Here is the link to my page with all the Addons Used.

Setting up "Shinn's List"

First thing you need to do is open up TradeSkillMaster and then click the Groups tab, which will take you to this point and this is where 

When you get here you need to set up a subgroup. I've going to set my up in my main Auctioning group. Next click the Management tab and this will take you to the shot below.

Once you get here you need to add the name of the Subgroup, I used Vendor Items, but you can use whatever you want. Just make sure you click the OK button.

How that you have set up your subgroup, which you can see below. Next you need to add the items, which is done by using the Import/Export Tab. So click this tab and it will look like the picture below and this where you to add this list of numbers into the Import box. Copy and paste this string......


Make sure you remember to click the OK button, because I have done it before and had to start over again!

This is what should happen next to you subgroup. After this you can next work on what price you want to sell these items for. I'm still working on finding the best prices, but some of my friends (Wowprofitz,Killerdamage and ColdfireBE) who use this list make a ton of gold.

Prices used

Here is the how i set up my prices right now.........they're very basic until I find out what sells the best and the worst and then think about changing the prices.

Minimum price- 25g
Normal price- 50g
Maximum price- 100g

But as you know every realm is different and Vendor items don't sell that well, but I'm sure if you take your time and work out your best prices......it will be a good market. Also this is a really useful if you want to start afresh on a new realm and don't have much gold. So please let me know if this post helped you in any way and if know of anything I have missed please leave a comment and I will add it to the string.


Restocker is a module of TradeSkillMaster that I use for helping making sure that I have all the vendor items I need. The way I use is to set up two Operations called Bags and Vendor. Below shows both Operations. You will need to use the Auction House for the Restocker window to pop up, but this isn't a problem..


This Operation can to added as the main Restocker Operation for the whole Vendor Items subgroup. You just to click the Override Module Operations and the pick Vendor. As you can see I've got it set to twenty, as this stops my back getting to full.


This Operation needs to be added to the Bags part of the subgroup. Do the same as with the Vendor operation.. I've only got this set to one bag, so I don't flood the market....

This is how Restocker will look and you can see it tells you what stock I have and how many I need to buy. Don't worry about the Price part, as this is using the prices from the Auction House and you will be buying from a Vendor Seller. I know this isn't really what Restocker was made for, but I think it works really well!!

I hope you find this post useful in setting up the Vendor List and if you want to find out more about TradeSkillMaster and gold making in general.......please follow me on Twitch and come and watch the stream. I'll always try and help and answer question, so pop into chat and say hi!!



Dalaran shirt run!

Here is a short video about where you can buy a number of shirts from a vendor in Dalaran, these shirts are used from transmog. I leaned this tip from Jim from Power Word:Gold. This is not going to be a massive market, but I find these market kind of fun, because I love it when people buy my items of the auction house that you can buy from vendors!!

I hope you enjoy the video and start to make gold from selling these on your realm. Please leave a comment about how they sell on your auction house i.e. price and volume sold, as this might help other people get more of an idea of prices.


Glyph Wars!!

The Opponents

I am now in a glyph war with three people on my realm and I'm blaming the new influx of new lvl 90's!! It's now a hourly battle to make any real gold from glyphs. I was making around 5k gold per day, but now I'm having to work really hard to make around 2k gold. So I need to take a look at what they're doing and see if I can make a plan without lowering my prices too much! 

First thing I did was check out the heat maps for me and my competition that showed the amount of glyphs posted and what time. You find these over at  The Undermine Journal.

My Post Activity Heat Map


 I post up to 580 glyphs each day, but I'm a bit limited to when I can post due to work and my wife would kick my butt if I played any longer! lol

Post Activity Heat Map for Main Competitor


They have been posting every day and he/she can post up to 600 glyphs at a time. I have added them to my friends list, so I can keep an eye out on when they're in-game and posting. This person as the upper hand at the moment, because they're posting any time from 7am till 12am every day.

Post Activity Heat Map for Second Competitor


This person post up to 350 glyphs per day, but mostly Monday to Friday. Also added to friends list and I also know they bark in trade wanting to buy herbs, ore and high end enchanting materials. 

Post Activity Heat Map for Third Competitor


 Posts most days and has been doing so for a while now, but has been posting more glyphs then before the new 90's came about! Posting numbers are around the 250 mark, but only 65% of them are glyphs. This number still takes its toll on my sales!

Plan of Attack

I would like to say its going to be easy, but I'm not that lucky. So where do I start? I can't compete with my competitors if it came down to how many hours a day you could post. So I need to think about what ways I could use that gives me the best chance of getting back up to the 5k gold per day!!

 Do I think about posting a wall of glyphs at a really low price and see how that goes, but I know it may take a while to see any benefit from that way. Plus I would need to think about what price to set the wall at. My minimum price is set at 20g......but to be honest not many get posted at that. If I did choose that idea I would set the price at 50g and see what happens. I have read a post saying posting a "wall" of glyphs and take weeks or months before you start moving your prices back up (Please check out Faid's post at ClockWorkRiot because she goes into detail about setting up a glyph wall). That's where I don't really like the idea of the wall, I don't want to sell my glyphs cheap!! 

I could use the mobile app to post my glyphs during the day. This way isn't ideal because you can only post 200 or 300 a day and you can't use TradeSkillMaster to help with posting.  Also it would take an age to re post over 200/300 glyphs..........but it does have it's benefits. The main benefit is that even if my competitors have added my glyph seller to there friends list and they're watching for me to log-on they can't see me posting. So maybe not good for mass posting, but it might work for posting the high end glyphs before the other sellers log-on.

Or do I just keep plugging away and try to keep the pressure on the competition and hope they get sick of having to re post every hour. 


First thing, its going to be fight till the death!!! (joking)

I mean its going to be tough to get back to my 5k gold daily sales, because I cant post all day like they can. Lets hope this is just a short term thing and they soon get bored once the new 90's die down. Until then I think I'm going to be sticking to how I'm posting at the moment. But I will be using the mobile app to post more during the day when they're not posting. Hopefully with more focus on keeping an eye on my auctions so I know when I've been undercut and using the mobile app........I might win!!