It's been a while, but I'm back...

Hi fellow gold makers, 

I'm happy to say that after a year with no access to a computer to play World of Warcraft on and being really busy in real life...i am back!!!!!!! 

I have just ordered a new computer which is currently being built as I write this post...yippeee :)

I have really missed playing World of Warcraft and I can't wait to get back in-game to start making lots of gold & being part of the community again. For the past nine months I have kept myself away from all things WoW related but lately I have been working my way back, reading blog's and listening to podcasts. 

Hopefully within the next week and a half, i should receive my new computer, it should take around a day to set up, so i should be back up and running in around 2 weeks’ time. Firstly i am going to take it slow and try to work out what markets/professions I will need to work on in order to start replenishing my gold, due to my son robbing me of 200,000 to help pay for his WoW tokens.

Unfortunately I feel like I'm starting from scratch because I've lost around 70% of my stock due to it being left in my mail box but it shouldn't take me long to restock, thinking of starting with the basic markets i.e. Transmog and flipping mats.

I have heard lots of negative stuff about Garrisons and how much time people need to spend working and completing missions/chores, although this sounds like a drag, I am looking forward to dipping my toe in and giving it a go!  I just need to remember that I don't have time to play all day (wife's words not mine), so time management is key in this area.

With regards to my streaming, I can’t commit to a date at the moment as I am unsure how on long things will take me to set everything up but I will keep you updated and I don’t plan on leaving it too long. I just don’t want it to seem rushed!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to writing more in the coming future.