Legion: Jewelcrafting and how I got on while leveling to 110.

This post is about how a got on leveling my Jewel-crafting whilst getting to 110.

First thing I did once I picked up up my weapon and got over to Dalaran was to head straight over to the Jewel crafting trainer so I could get my teeth into the professions. I won't go though all the quests as there is an awesome guide on Wowhead found here which breaks it all down for you. This is more about what I got up to and hopefully pass on some tips to you lot out there...

First Design

The first design available to me was Versatile Skystone which you got by completing a quest,  which talks about prospecting. I'm happy with Blizzard going back down this route as this means lots of ore will be moving though the Auction House. A quick point about Ore in Legion, there isn't that many modes, so it can take a while a gather a large amount and because of this the price of both kinds of Ore is high (Leystone, Felslate).

I've done the first quest where you have to get 5x Gem Chip which wasn't bad at all and once you have handed that quest in you are sent on  a quest that takes you around Dalaran and even to the Underbelly, just be careful down there as its a PvP area, but saying that you can hire a bodyguard for 5g from a NPC called Raethan as you head down there. I have been down there quite a few times now and its fine, just need to keep an eye on the time.

By this time I just want to start making some Gems or Jewelry and by the end of doing the quests you get to start making two.
  • Versatile Skystone (+150 Versatility) 
  • Deadly Deep Amber (+150 Critical Strike) Please note there was another two choices of Gem, Masterful Queen's Opal (+150 Mastery) Quick Azsunite (+150 Haste) but you can only pick one.
Now I needed some Ore, so off I went and started to quest in Stormheim and after prospecting some Leystone I found a new item  Design: Mass Prospect Leystone which gives you Sangrite. Fast forward a bit as you don't need to go though every time I find or gain a upgrade though a quest. Below you will be a picture showing how many Rings/Necklaces and Gems i could make at level 106. To be honest, its not very many and I have done all the Jewel crafting profession quest available so far.

 This also shows that I now have two designs at Rank 2, which you can buy from Tiffany Cartier at Cartier & Co.Fine Jewelry in Dalaran. I have highlighted the map below in red showing where the shop is. You can also buy another fourteen Rank 2 Designs. Cost wise eight cost just over 33g each and the other eight cost  just over the 128g mark. I wonder if there is another fourteen quests that I need to do to get the other Rank 1 Designs or they could be a random drop, I should check, but I like the thought on finding them along the way, but saying that...I may need one or two and its driving me crazy and I will make good use of the Wowhead guide!

I'm now at level 110 and I have no more to add when it comes to learning any more designs or upgrades, but note I have spent 90% of my time completing two zone which were Stormheim and Highmountain, so there might be other designs to be found or bought in the other zones. Now that I'm 110 I will be able to add designs from faction vendors or dungeons. I will do another post in the future about Jewelcrafting and if its a good profession for gold making.

Sales and Profit

Right the important part...below I will show you some screen shots showing what I've been selling and how much I've had to spend and the profit I have made.

Purchases of Legion Ore
 Ok my Jewelcrafter is also a Miner, but as you can see I have spent nearly 35k on Ore. You will see that I have spent 30k on Leystone and only 4k on Felslate, this is because the cost of Felslate is very high on my server right now...but in the future the price might drop. Its hard very early in Legion to give a max and minimum price when buying. Right now my max price for buying Leystone Ore is 20g each, which is high in some peoples eyes, but with not that many nodes around and no flying you can see why. Felslate is around the 60g mark and I only buy if under 50g.

Legion Uncut Gems
I'm very happy with the sales I've been having in the Uncut Gem market with a profit of 11k. The green gems (Azsunite, Chactic Spinel, Deep Amber, Queen's Opal, Sangrite, Skystone)that you get from Prospecting sell from 50g up to 150g each and they sell very well, but with Ore prices so high you need the blue gems (Dawnlight, Eye of Prophecy, Furystone, Maelstrom Sapphire, Pandemonite, Saber's Eye, Shadowruby) and I've taken a screen shot showing the value of uncut gems on the Auction House at the time of this post and I must say I sell 100% of any blue gems I put up for sale and I around the 90% mark for green gems.

Value of Gems from spending just 10k on Leystone Ore
The one screen shot missing is one showing my Jewellery sales and this because I've only sold four items and with not having many designs I'm going to wait until I unlock some more...

I haven't talk about Cut Gems as I haven't made any as you need Blood of Sargeras and I only have one right now. Now I'm 110 I should start to get some and I can then look at that market, plus I don't see the cut gem market really taking off until we get a raid...