Feels like Day 1 again in gold making...

Well my new computer is here!! I'm back in-game and I cant wait to get in and start gold making...but the question is...where do I start!?!
Lovely view...

Looks a bit Steath

I'm probably just going to quest for a while, I want to ease myself into it and I've got to say I am quite enjoying the quest/storyline at the start, by end of day two I got  Fearsom to lvl92 and I must admit I haven't even looked at any addons needed for gold making, that changed on day three, as I have been invited to TMS3 and I can't wait to get started.

Wow...can't believe how much stock I lost, I was hoping it wasn't going to be this bad, but I've lost over 90%. Crikey!! Where do I start? Flipping Cata & MoP greens (77-79, 83-84) was always a good gold maker. Glyph's and Transmog too. I went straight onto the AH to buy stock and I have started doing the markets below, these used to be really good sellers, but it would help if I had some stock.

Starting Markets

MarketsMin PriceNormal PriceMax Price
Vendor Items12g50g100g
Cata Green Armor150g295g500g
Cata Green Weapons200g395g500g
MoP Green Armor150g295g500g
MoP Green Weapons200g295g500g
Glyphs70% DBMinBuyout100% DBMinBuyout250% DBMinBuyout
Old Enchants35% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg100% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg250% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg
Old Mats50% DBMinBuyout120% DBMinBuyout170% DBMinBuyout
Transmog50% DBGlobalMarketAvg125% DBGlobalMarketAvg250% DBGlobalMarketAvg
Old Engineering50% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg105% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg200% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg

Glyph's right now are seem to be selling quite well, but  obviously I need to restock and to do this I'll be using TSM Crafting which works really well when trying to sell Glyph's. I have added some pictures below.

First thing I did was to do is set up a operation in the crafting tab and add it to my glyph's group. 

My one for glyph's is very simple.

Once the operation has been set up, open up Inscription and this is how it should look.

Now ready to gather the materials.

This box will open up after clicking the gather tab.

By the time I had finished, I had had spent over 8000g, which does seen a lot, but I needed to restock so much stuff.

Week 1 update

I'm going to try and update the blog with a weekly total, showing how much I've spent and also, giving a breakdown of  my purchases and sales, picking out the best items each week.

1000g for the mine, but should make that back from the ore.
Most of the purchases have been green Cata/Mop items and herbs to rebuild my stock of glyph's up.

Not massive sales #slowstart
Here are some of my best sales from the week...

Heavy Savage Leather                   

I'm in the black, so all is good. Fingers crossed next week is better.

I'm not going to lie and say its been a fun week trying to find out what sells and what doesn't and I know I can make gold in World of Warcraft, it just may take a little bit of time to work out my realm. Next week, I am going to work really hard on my pricing and where I can make more gold from my professions, I have only really levelled Alchemy and Tailoring, but after talking to my buddy Morricade, I am about to start levelling my Enchanting and Inscription, Morricade told me that he is making quite a bit of gold from WoD enchants, so I am going to give it a try.