Legion: Jewelcrafting and how I got on while leveling to 110.

This post is about how a got on leveling my Jewel-crafting whilst getting to 110.

First thing I did once I picked up up my weapon and got over to Dalaran was to head straight over to the Jewel crafting trainer so I could get my teeth into the professions. I won't go though all the quests as there is an awesome guide on Wowhead found here which breaks it all down for you. This is more about what I got up to and hopefully pass on some tips to you lot out there...

First Design

The first design available to me was Versatile Skystone which you got by completing a quest,  which talks about prospecting. I'm happy with Blizzard going back down this route as this means lots of ore will be moving though the Auction House. A quick point about Ore in Legion, there isn't that many modes, so it can take a while a gather a large amount and because of this the price of both kinds of Ore is high (Leystone, Felslate).

I've done the first quest where you have to get 5x Gem Chip which wasn't bad at all and once you have handed that quest in you are sent on  a quest that takes you around Dalaran and even to the Underbelly, just be careful down there as its a PvP area, but saying that you can hire a bodyguard for 5g from a NPC called Raethan as you head down there. I have been down there quite a few times now and its fine, just need to keep an eye on the time.

By this time I just want to start making some Gems or Jewelry and by the end of doing the quests you get to start making two.
  • Versatile Skystone (+150 Versatility) 
  • Deadly Deep Amber (+150 Critical Strike) Please note there was another two choices of Gem, Masterful Queen's Opal (+150 Mastery) Quick Azsunite (+150 Haste) but you can only pick one.
Now I needed some Ore, so off I went and started to quest in Stormheim and after prospecting some Leystone I found a new item  Design: Mass Prospect Leystone which gives you Sangrite. Fast forward a bit as you don't need to go though every time I find or gain a upgrade though a quest. Below you will be a picture showing how many Rings/Necklaces and Gems i could make at level 106. To be honest, its not very many and I have done all the Jewel crafting profession quest available so far.

 This also shows that I now have two designs at Rank 2, which you can buy from Tiffany Cartier at Cartier & Co.Fine Jewelry in Dalaran. I have highlighted the map below in red showing where the shop is. You can also buy another fourteen Rank 2 Designs. Cost wise eight cost just over 33g each and the other eight cost  just over the 128g mark. I wonder if there is another fourteen quests that I need to do to get the other Rank 1 Designs or they could be a random drop, I should check, but I like the thought on finding them along the way, but saying that...I may need one or two and its driving me crazy and I will make good use of the Wowhead guide!

I'm now at level 110 and I have no more to add when it comes to learning any more designs or upgrades, but note I have spent 90% of my time completing two zone which were Stormheim and Highmountain, so there might be other designs to be found or bought in the other zones. Now that I'm 110 I will be able to add designs from faction vendors or dungeons. I will do another post in the future about Jewelcrafting and if its a good profession for gold making.

Sales and Profit

Right the important part...below I will show you some screen shots showing what I've been selling and how much I've had to spend and the profit I have made.

Purchases of Legion Ore
 Ok my Jewelcrafter is also a Miner, but as you can see I have spent nearly 35k on Ore. You will see that I have spent 30k on Leystone and only 4k on Felslate, this is because the cost of Felslate is very high on my server right now...but in the future the price might drop. Its hard very early in Legion to give a max and minimum price when buying. Right now my max price for buying Leystone Ore is 20g each, which is high in some peoples eyes, but with not that many nodes around and no flying you can see why. Felslate is around the 60g mark and I only buy if under 50g.

Legion Uncut Gems
I'm very happy with the sales I've been having in the Uncut Gem market with a profit of 11k. The green gems (Azsunite, Chactic Spinel, Deep Amber, Queen's Opal, Sangrite, Skystone)that you get from Prospecting sell from 50g up to 150g each and they sell very well, but with Ore prices so high you need the blue gems (Dawnlight, Eye of Prophecy, Furystone, Maelstrom Sapphire, Pandemonite, Saber's Eye, Shadowruby) and I've taken a screen shot showing the value of uncut gems on the Auction House at the time of this post and I must say I sell 100% of any blue gems I put up for sale and I around the 90% mark for green gems.

Value of Gems from spending just 10k on Leystone Ore
The one screen shot missing is one showing my Jewellery sales and this because I've only sold four items and with not having many designs I'm going to wait until I unlock some more...

I haven't talk about Cut Gems as I haven't made any as you need Blood of Sargeras and I only have one right now. Now I'm 110 I should start to get some and I can then look at that market, plus I don't see the cut gem market really taking off until we get a raid...



Pet Battles and how I get on making gold...but I'm a novice!

Please note:  this is not really a guide, more about how I got on trying to get the pets needed to help me level pets to 25, that then can be sold for a larger amount of gold then level 1's. Then pass any tips I've learnt or read about onto you! 

This post is about me telling you all about how and if I can make the amount of gold that I've seen other gold makers get from selling level 25 pets, so this me giving it a go. I'm starting from scratch and only did a couple of battles when it was first released and then nothing until now! I might end up loving Pet Battles or hating it so much I don't even care how much gold I can make!!

Luckily I was streaming the other night and talking about the amount of gold people were making from selling level 25 pets and as normal the gold making community came up trumps while I was talking about the subject. The Gold Queen asked her followers on Twitter to help me with guides and where to go for advice. the first person who replied was Rob from The Training Dummies Podcast, who said they had just done a  podcast with @Gloriaboria who is into pet battles and she said you can level a low level pet by using the swap method, which is letting your low level pet get a hit in and get hit and then swapping it out for a level 25 pet.
 I've never done Pet Battles and have no idea where to start, so I went to my DK's garrison and did the quest to start my Menagerie. I got given a Ultimate Battle-Training Stone and turned my Vampiric batling to level 25 from level 1 and off I went in Frostfire Ridge and I did alright, I got myself a Icespine Hatchling level 23 which took me a couple of times to catch. Now it was time to start leveling some pets up and, like Gloria said, I put a level 1 in with my 23 and 25 pet and this is how my first team looked...

My first team


I know this isn't the best team ever made, but its a start and if I took the time to read the guides out there I could get a better team, but remember I'm doing this as as a way to make gold, so not really bothered about having the best teams...I just want the gold!! :)

Leveling Pets

Leveling battle pets to 25 is really easy once you have a couple of 25's in your team. My team has changed around a little since my first team, my Ancient Nest Guardian is now level 25 and I really like using this pet and will not be selling it just yet and I've added Chrominius as it has a heal that is really good and comes in helpful in a tough fight, so I had to move out the Icespine Hatchling and the Vampiric Batling, the pets that I have bought in are better suited, I'm leveling all my Battle Pets right outside the horde garrison as its so close that you can fly back and heal your battle pets without waiting for the Revive Battle Pets or using Battle Pet Bandage, you can see the area on the map below showing where you go.

The first battle pet I started leveling was the Iron Starlette which I bought for 243g and after I leveled it to 25 I only went and sold in less then 10 hours for 1233g ( I found out this pet is really useful in battles, so I will be leveling one again for my own collection). I'm really happy with the profit from this sale, I now feel like it's with the time it takes to get them to 25 it worth leveling more!! My plan is to level a new pet over a couple of days, as playing time is short, my next pet is a Mechanical Axebeak and after that I'm going to level a Leviathan Hatchling. After those two I'm going to check out the Battle Pets page on The Undermine Journal and see whats selling for a high price and hopefully I will have some of those pets, but I'm also going to look into spending some gold on pets that I know I can level to 25 and sell for a high profit.

I decided to head over to Tanaan and that turned out to be a complete waste of time, I went up and started a fight with Veil Blood of Dranor and it kicked my butt. Its moves are awesome, not only does it do damage to the pet its fighting, but also the rest of my team!! I need to think about the team build more and I will be checking out some guides. I've been reading some of the guides on Wowhead and starting to build of couple of teams up to help best these tough fights.


I started out only having a level 1 Menagerie, so I upgraded to level 2 straight away and then worked on getting the plans for level 3. to get these plans you need to win 150 pet battles, which shouldn't take too long as I'm leveling lots of pets up. When you get the level 3 Menagerie the daily quest changes which I will talk about below.
I'm going to upgrade all my Menagerie to level 3, as you can complete Elite Pet Challenges and get   To get a level 3 Menagerie you need to win 150 pet battles in Dranor and if like me  leveling lots of pets it shouldn't take too long. While writing this post I have three out of the seven pets so far and I didn't have to wait long before I got my first one.


There is a daily quest that can be found at the Menagerie called Scrappin which gives you eight Pet Charms, plus a little bit of gold. If you have a level 3 Menagerie the quest is called Mastering the Menagerie where the you get a Big Bag of Pet Supplies which contains  the chance of getting one of the seven pets each time and Training Stones. Of cause I went over there thinking 'its only a daily, how hard can it be...well hard if you don't have all level 25's or the right kind of pets to counter the opponents. It took me the rest of the night to get two other level 25's and then four try's at working out what the best moves and combos to use.  My first battle the opponents kept swapping out and when they did, they did very high damaged, but luckily I had a two pets that could counter them doing that and it worked and I got my first Pet Charms!

There are sixteen dailies that need different team set ups,  and at the start I didn't really have the pets needed to do all sixteen, but there is a really good guide out by Redisia that I used to help and also people have added comments that really help as well, so check it out.

                           [Daily Pet Battles] Garrison guide by Redisia

Even with the help of the guide above I still found some of the dailies hard due to not having the right pets, so I had to find another way and now I'm using a team that I use for the Tiny Terrors, which can be found in the Tanaan section of this post and so far I haven't come across any of the sixteen I haven't beaten.

The charms that I pick up are being using in a couple of different ways, on one toon I'm saving them up to buy the pets from Giada Goldleash (cool name). These pets can be sold on the Auction House and as I'm going to level them up to 25 hopefully get more gold that way. On the rest of my toons, I send all the Charms to Riojaa who uses some of them to buy stones that up the level by one on all the species, as this helps to start of leveling pets. If they are level 1 they get killed on the first go and by using those stones and getting them to level 3 this helps to get the ball rolling. Once I have got the pet to level 3 I don't use any more stones until they're over level 20, I think using the stones just to finish the last few levels is a good way of using these stones, other people might not think the same, but I find the last five levels a drag! I also save some, so I can buy Pet Treat and Lesser Pet Treat, which I will use on Squirt Day after watching a video by Peelyon showing how easy it was to level pets up to level 25 in just over 10 minutes. In the video he talks and show how to use a Enchanted Broom and Weebomination with a leveling pet. I didn't have these pets and if it wasn't for Squissh who talked me into spending some gold and buying them, I still wouldn't, so thank you Squissh!

Every so often Kura Thunderhoof  will have a quest which is to win a pet battle against her. Like the other dailies I used the same pets I used for beating the Tiny Terrors.


Gloria also talked about fighting a number of beasts on Tanaan and how you could get a stone that would increase your pets level by 5, I remember seeing some of these pets while going around doing my dailies. Here is a map showing where all the pets are...

I found this map on Wowhead Tiny Terrors Guide showing where they are which helps a lot. I did wonder what they were for, so off I went with my team...this did not go well!! I got my butt kicked so bad, they were so hard to beat, I tried a couple of times and then understood I would need to read the guide and not think I could take on the world and I need to form a battle plan. After reading the guide, I was thinking I'm never going to do this and gave up even trying. Then the other night I was getting so pissed off with not even winning my daily Menagerie quest that I went back to the guide and found a comment talking about using just one team to beat most/all of the Terrors. That team is:

  • Chrominius                                          

Here is the comment that can be found in the Tiny Terrors guide which I have linked above.

By Ectothrix
Everyone of these fights are easily beaten with Howl Bomb + Emerald Proto Whelp
Water Spirit> Geyser, Whirlpool
Chrominius> Howl, Surge of power
mop up with Whelp, heal when needed, Keep buff up
This is how I understand Ectothrix plan to win.

Pandaren Water Spirit

Move 1: Geyser
Move 2: Whirlpool                                 
Move 3: Swap in Chrominius


Move 1: Howl

The Tiny Terror takes lots of damage due to Geyser, Whirlpool hitting with Howl Increaing that damage by 100%.

Move 2: Surge of Power

This will most likely kill the Terror. If not I just use the first two pets until they are both dead.

Move 3: Swap in Emerald Proto-Whelp

Emerald Proto-Whelp

Move 1: Emerald Dream
Move 2: Emerald Presence

After that use Emerald Bite and keep Emerald Presence up and heal if needed. I have found that the Emerald Proto-Whelp will kill the two pets left after beating the Terror.

Please note when fighting Dark Gazer you need to start with 3x Water Jet as it has a move that stuns up for one round. You need to have Geyser, Whirlpool and Howl, which = Howl Bomb.
Also Felsworn Sentry can be beat, but its very RnG. I'm working on another team and will add as a comment when I sort that out.

I had two out of the three pets, so I got myself over to Sholazar basin to get myself a Emerald Proto-Whelp. They can be found at the Savage Thicket, there isn't a lot of them and I only found a poor/grey one which I caught as I had a Flawless Battle-Stone which meant I could Instantly upgrade my pet to rare quality. This is one pet you want as a rare as its amazing when it comes to winning against the Tiny Terrors.

Time invested so far.

I can say one thing about what I've learnt from trying to make gold via selling level 25 pets...It took me some time to set up my teams needed to complete the dailies and the beat the Tiny Terrors in Tanaan as I started with only one level 25 or the pets needed for these fights!
I've been trying to spend a hour or two a night leveling pets and so far I've sold one level 25 and got another one ready to sell.  Time wise it's been nearly three weeks  logging on every night and I know in the long run it's going to worth all this time setting up my teams, but I'm finding it hard to enjoy it and while I'm doing this I haven't really done must going making apart from selling bars (Smelting). I'm going to keep trying and do Squirt Day, as the first time it came around I didn't have the right team, but I'm sure now I've got the right team it will be fine. If even after leveling lots of pets on Squirt day I'm still not enjoying it like I do in the rest of my gold making I'll  might go back to selling level 1 pets and do the dailies just to get the the odd level 25 every so often...

Ready to start selling!

After the long awaited Squirt Day, which came on the worst day possible, as I could get online for 90 minutes.  In that time and I now have twelve level 25 pets to sell and these are-

  • Fiendish Imp
  • Ore Eater
  • Fungal Abomination       SOLD 2850g 
  • Zandalari Toenibbler       SOLD 1044g 
  • Giant Sewer Rat
  • Bone Serpent
  • Chrominius                      SOLD 3040g 
  • Leviathan Hatchling
  • Death Talon Wheplguard
  • Fossilizes Hatchling
  • Pandaren Fire Spirit
  • Spectral porcupette
  • Sister of temptation           SOLD 950g
  • Peddlefeet
  • Gilnean Raven
Also I took advantage of the Pet battles bonus event and leveled up some more pets to sell-

  • Toothy
  • Seaborne Spore
  • Sunreaver Micro-Sentry
  • Nightshade Sproutling
  • Disgusting Oozeling
  • Darkmoon Hatchling
  • Fragment of Suffering
  • Fragment of Anger
  • Giant Bone Spider
  • Mechanopeep
  • Sky-Bo
  • Son of Sethe
  • Anubisath Idol
  • Pocket Reaver
  • Zandalari Footslasher        SOLD 2375g


I can honestly say I'm not the best at making large amounts of gold by selling pets at level 25, as you can see from the list above. I did do better from selling level 1's making over 57k gold profit, but I'm going to keep working on selling level 25's and keep an eye out for  cheap pets on the Auction House and use Squirt Day and Pet Battles Bonus Event to help me get more to level 25. I will do my daily quest's from the Menagerie (5) as I need the Pet Charms to buy the leveling stones. 

I hope this post is helpful and provides enough information for this part of gold making and enables you to get the basic pets needed to start getting the teams together. I will add a comment to this post with an update on any sales I get.



Tales of Gold Ep 7: Pet Battles

On this podcast I talk about my start in Pet Battles and how I'm starting to build a team up for Tanaan and how you can beat those Tiny Terrors! My main reason for doing pet battles is so I can level them to 25 and then sell for more gold then I get at level 1!!

It is only a short recording as I'm writing a post with more information and details into how I've found the whole process and if its a market I want to spend lots of my time doing.



Tales of Gold Ep 6

On this Podcast I talk about the video guides that I've started for TradeSkillMaster 3, only done two so far, but working on more! Talk about how you can make some extra gold by running LFR's as a healer or tank (500g plus armor and runes).

 I tell you about how it went when I was a guest on Your WoW Money Podcast with Joe and Deadgreed. News in World of Warcraft Garrison changes look like they're coming in Legion, which I talk about and what the future holds for garrisons in Legion.
 Check out this post below:
The future of passive garrison gold making in Legion.

 Talk a little bit about Love In the Air...it's the last day, but I give a tip about getting some last minute charms.
Here is the link for more info.
lovely charm farm 2000 hr mogoshun

 Water Striders and how they won't be able to walk on water in Legion.

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 Hope you enjoy the show.



TradeSkillMaster 3: Part 2 Basic Groups.

Please check out TradeSkillMaster 3:  Part 2 Basic Groups.

On this video I show you how to make basic Auctioning and Shopping groups and a couple of operations to get you started.

I've learnt a lesson today while making this video...don't try too hard as I must have done forty takes and make sure you turn the game sound down when in Dalaran!!



TradeSkillMaster 3: Part 1 Download and Set-up.

Please check out my first video on TradeSkillMaster 3.

This video is to help new people to TradeSkillMaster or gold making in World of Warcraft and want to learn how to use this awesome addon!
On this video I talk about where you need to go to download and also a little bit about the set-up in game. More video's to follow...

I would also like some feedback on how you find the video.

Thanks for watching



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Please check out my new podcast, where I talk about my latest blog post and TradeSkillMaster and how hard they're working to resolve the issues with the addon. Here is the link to IRC chat where you can ask questions. if you're having problems yourself.

I also talk about how Reddit and how good a resource it is for gold makers/Goblins!

Savage Boxes, where do you stand, open now or Legion? I tell you where I stand, but would love to get some feedback from you about what you're going to do with yours...



New account (NA) and how to make I made the gold to pay for WoW Token.

I thought about doing a project during the Christmas break and this is want I came up with...

Buy the Battlechest and Warlords of Draenor in the Blizzard sale and go and play on the NA servers and see if I can make the gold to pay for a WoW Token at the end of January. I wanted to set my self some rules, so if  any new players to World of Warcraft or gold making read this, they could do it themselves.

My Rules

  1. Only 2 chactors can be used. one is the free boost to level 90 and a new level 1.
  2. I can level both of them.
  3. The level 1 professions are Mining and Herbalism.
  4. Pick two professions for the level 90. I picked Enchanting and Jewelcrafting.
  5. No help.
  6. Sell everything and anything!!
These rules are not really important, but I wanted to make it a challenge. as I needed to make sure this was a fun project and didn't feel like I was doing work. 

First job was to choose what class and names and here is a picture of them both at the end of January-

Level 100
Level 28
Wow Token prices on the NA servers are around the 37000g mark which meant I had to make just over 1200g per day, which doesn't seem a lot if your a seasoned good making. I have no stock, no battle pets that I can sell plus no gold, so what I first did was to start levelling Shinnearth and get his Garrison set up. I thought levelling up would be a good way to get some gold as you get around 14 gold per quest and sometimes 30. Once I had got some some gold saved up, I next set out working on Shadowshinn and getting her ready to work the Auction House, but I couldn't help myself but take her out for a bit...I miss playing a priest!!


  • Vendor Items, so make sure  you check out my post Here about selling those and also get the addon called HandyNotes LimitedVendors ( check out this post by Logon which gives you the link for the addon, but also groups to add to TradeSkillMaster. Handynotes_LimitedVendors Your recipe vendor addon!).
  •  Transmog can a be a really good gold earner, but you need stock. The way I got my stock was to use the Sniper option in TradeSkillMaster and the Great Deals option. These can both be found in the Shopping tab, you can only use the Great Deals option if you're a Premium user. It's ok if you're not, because you can go to Great Deals page and find your server and you copy and paste into TradeSkillMaster. Here is a couple of screen shots showing you what to do. 
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

  • Herbs from my herb garden: I don't get loads, but they always sell and I've set up a min price of 1g per herb. In the last 30 days I've made over 1800g which isn't too bad for 5mins work a day!
  • Dalaran Shirts: Love selling these items as they cost between 35-55g and can sell anywhere from 500-1000g each. If you want to know where to get these, check out my post Here. Below is some proof of the sales you can make. On my server there is someone else trying to sell these shirts, hopefully you might be lucky and be the only one selling.

Other Incomes

  • Using Sniper in TradeskillMaster can be used to make a lot of gold, remember to only buy items you know that will sell. I try to stick to battle pets and crafting materials like herbs, ore, fur and levelling gems.
  • Questing: This has been a really good gold earner, I've made 13050g so far and I still have quests left to go in Draenor and the dailies. 
  • Garrisons: I've made 4650g, most of that has been from Garrison missions, but I did get a 1000g Shipyard mission which was at only 92% and I went for it and was successful. I only have 20 followers right now, but I just have upgraded my Frostwall Tavern to level 3 as you get 'lucrative treasure hunter missions'. I haven't seen any yet, hopefully I won't have to wait too long...

Setting up costs/Expenses

I had to spend quite a large amount of gold, here is a rough break down of those costs.


Total cost of setting up my level 3 Garrison was 12200g, These are the buildings I have right now, I'm no Garrison expert so please let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

Large- Barracks Level 2  Bodyguard.
Large- War Mill Level 2 Exchange garrison resources for new armor upgrades for followers.
Medium- Frostwall Tavern Level 3 Unlocks treasure hunter missions.
Medium- Trading Post Level 1 Trade crafting reagents for garrison resources.
Small- Enchanter's Study Level 1 Work orders
Small- Gem Boutique Level 1 Work orders
Small- Salvage Yard Level 2 Increases chance of recovering Salvage
Frostwall Mines Level 2 Two mine shafts and if add follower helps find mining trunks.
Herb Garden Level 2 More herbs and more work orders.
Fishing Shack Level 1 Allows small fish to be caught in garrison waters.

I also spent over 4397g on stocking up to sell on the Auction House, most of the gold has been on transmog, pets and vendor items.

Total 16597g

So did I make the gold needed to buy a token. Yes I did and I made a bit more...

Token cost   37165g
Set up costs  16597g
          Total  53762g

Garrisons      4750g
Sales           34663g 
Questing     13000g
Looting         7219g (worked out from last Achievement)
          Total  59632g

That should give me 5870g left over, but I have 11292g. The only thing I can think off is the rest was made from selling grey items while levelling Shinnearth. I do remember making a fair amount of gold while I was out doing my quests, plus I was also collecting all the Treasures in each zone.


It worked and it was, I mean still is good fun and I'm spending 90% of my WoW time over on the NA account. I hope this little post about how I did it can help someone do the same, I tried to keep it really simple and made sure that you didn't have to spend all your time in the Auction house. Don't get me wrong...I love sitting in the Auction House but I've done so much more in the last month then in the last three over on the EU servers. My EU account has all been about gold making and when I pop back over to post and say hi its good, but I know I'm going to be posting for the next hour or two. So if you fancy starting again like me or just want to see if you can do it...please try and let me know how you get on!!

P.S If you need a healer add Shinn#2183