Is it me or has gold making changed?

The first point I want to make is...

Why have they changed professions so much since the end of  Mist of Pandaria? I don't like the way Professions are set out, far too many cooldown's and the way it works with your Garrison does my head in, doing those work orders just so you get the materials that you need. Their was no way of just hitting the ground running and making good profit. I felt like the cooldowns dictated the time scale on the high end items, which as I'm only just getting into the game again, puts me miles behind everyone.
I'm not saying, I should be able to produce high value items straight  away, but if I work hard and know that if I put the effort in I would like to see the rewards sooner and not just having to wait 15 days to make one item. One last thing to say about professions is...I just want to have fun lvling them up and looking forward to get the next set of designs/plans whatever else they're called.

It does feel  like I'm having a bit of a rant and I know that WoD has been out for nearly a year now and other people have most likely said the same thing, but I wanted to give my point of view. The good news in that Blizzard have said that they're putting a team to work on profession and know they messed up. So fingers crossed...

 My second point is about the gold making community.

When I first started gold making over 2 years ago, there was so many people writing blogs about gold making and streaming, but now their doesn't seem to be many out there...
In my eyes people were always willing to help anyone who asked and I think this set us apart from other groups/communities. Yes we all love making gold, but didn't mind passing this information on (unless they were playing on your realm) and this is why I blog and stream on Twitch. I love streaming and answering people questions and I will do my best to help anyone. I doesn't bother me if I have to stop what I'm doing and take 30 mins explaining something on TSM, because being interactive is what it's all about and not just me playing World of Warcraft.

we are lucky in our community and have some awesome websites that are the backbone of how I make gold, they offer loads of advice and guidance. I check these sites on a daily basis and I have provided the links below for you to go and take a look yourselves:

The Consortium WoW Gold Forums
The Undermine Journal

Below is also a list of people who I follow that create blogs and stream about gold making:

Phat Lewts Gold. writes about gold making and a must read.
Profitz streams on Twitch and has written an addon that helps you make gold.
The Gold Queen writes a lot about gold making and sometimes streams on Twitch.

Personally, I would like to thank a friend of mine, who has helped me in-game and has always been there when I needed advice...thanks Morricade!

So this next part is down to you guys, Who is still out there gold making?