New Project!!

The Basic Steps on the Path to Gold Making.

I wanted to let everyone know about a new project I have started on Twitch and YouTube which goes right back to the basics of gold making, which to be honest, is where my strengths are.
So how am I going to do this? Well I'm going to be starting a new toon called Shinnshadow, who has no gold or  heirlooms. I wanted it to feel like even if you were new to the game you could watch the videos/streams and pick up some ideas a long the way.
Game play wise, it's going to be normal as possible, leveling up via quests,dungeons and killing lots and lots of mobs!! I have picked up the two gathering professions Mining and Herbalism, which are a good way to start making gold on a new server. I also have Fishing as there are some fish out there used in other professions and it costs nothing and could be a way of making some extra gold. Cooking is a really good professions in Legion, however I'm not sure how useful its going to be as we level though old content, but you never know... so how am I going to make gold? At the start its going to be mostly from farming ore and herbs as they can be found while out questing. Plus I will be selling items I have looted from mobs as in meat, armor, weapons and other random stuff I find along the way. Once the gold starts coming in I can then start looking into buying items of the Auction and then flipping for a higher price and below are the two addons that I will be using to help me.

Gold Making Addons

 I'm going to be using a couple of addons which can help you make gold and these are-

TradeSkillMaster ( TSM)- I use TSM for most of my Auction House posting and crafting, but it can take time to understand/use, but hopefully after watching my videos or streams you will be able to get the basics. I would also recommend visiting the /r/woweconmy & TSM Discord if you have any questions.
 AuctionatorI like to use this when posting stacks of items not set up in TradeSkillMaster.

In TSM you can set up profiles which is really useful here, so not only am I starting with a new toon with no gold, I'm also started with a fresh TSM profile. I think this will be really good as I can build up the profile as we start added groups and operations, but also keeping them very basic.

Streaming on Twitch

Currently I am planning on Streaming approximately once a week for a couple hours. Right now I don't have a set day or time, but it might be something I look into as we go forward. If you like the videos and fancy joining the live streams please go to mt Twitch page and click the follow button and follow me on Twitter to get updates.

Watch live video from The00Shinn on www.twitch.tv