Episode 1: Can only get better!!

This was my first live stream, It was fun doing it but need to work on delivering a more polished stream. That's why it's called.....can only get better!!!

I didn't really do much gold making in this video, but GoblinRaset popped in for a chat and we had a good laugh!!


Why do I have so many gathering professions? Part 1

Why do I so many gathering professions?? Part 1

Im doing this post, because Phat Lewts made a comment on my last post and I thought it would be a good idea. Why......I don't know, but I didn't even relies how many I did have until I started added them all up lol. I don't think I need to have so many, so I'm going to start to think about what I could drop and replace. 

First thing is I need to make sure if I change any of them, make sure I keep the good partnerships i.e. gatherer/crafting professions like Jewelcrafting and mining, leather working and skinning. This is how my characters are set out now....

The Maelstrom
FactioncharactersMain Profession'sExtra ProfessionsNotes
HordeFearsom Achemy, HerbsCooking 514
HordeFearsómEnchanting, Inscription
AllianceHanzóuEngineering, Mining
HordeRiojaaMining, Skinning
HordeRiojáaAlchemy, Herbs
HordeShínnLeatherworking, Skinning
HordeShinnzoBlacksmithing, TailoringJust started

I think I'll keep Riojáa, Shínn and Shinny as they are, but drop some of the gathering professions. This is going to be my new professions set-up.....

The Maelstrom
FactioncharactersMain Profession'sExtra ProfessionsNotes
HordeFearsom Achemy, Tailoring*Cooking 514
HordeFearsómEnchanting, Inscription
AllianceHanzóuEngineering, Mining
HordeRiojáaAlchemy, Herbs
HordeShínnLeatherworking, Skinning
HordeShinnzoSkinning*, Mining*

 *  New Professions Added

I don't have anybody doing Jewelcrafting on this server, plus I need a tailor and a Blacksmith as Shinnzo lvl10 had only just started. So he can Skin and Mine up to max level. Now I have to start getting mats together ready for this, I'll be using Wow Professions for this.While I'm doing this I'm going to be keeping a note of the cost of mats, I know every realm is different but it might give people a rough price to level up Jewelcrafting and tailoring.



The First Post

How it all started!!

Well I started playing WoW just before The Burning Crusade came out, but didn't get into gold making until 2013. Before this I was raiding and doing  BG's, but I  needed something else to get my teeth into.........at this point I found Power Word: Gold , Phat lewts gold and The Drunken Mogul Website/Blog and thought I would give it a try. Not only did I find so much information, but also a community of people who didn't mind helping each other out! Since then I have also got help from Profitz and many other gold makers out there,thanks guys!

What's this Blog about?

I'm hoping it will become somewhere I can just talk about how I'm getting on in WoW/gold making and pass on any tips that I come across in-game. I would like to think I have something to put back into the community, as the advice they have given me has helped me so much!

Markets I make gold in

Like lots of people I'm into selling Glyphs, but I also like flipping Greens and Enchants. But I'm trying to get into more markets as we speak. Profession wise i have....

Alchemy x2 both at 600
Inscription x1 525
Skinner x2 both at 600
Mining x3 all at 600
Herbs x2 both 600
Engineering x1 600
Jewelcrafting x1 600
Enchanting x1 487
Leatherworking 600

I'm going to be lvling Tailoring and Blacksmithing very soon.

Right now I seem to be making most of my gold selling Glyphs,83-84 MoP greens and Enchanting. I'm also in the Transmog market, but they can be a slow way off making gold....but sometimes when an item sells for a lot its nice!

Gold Total

I watch other gold makers stream on Twitch and i always see people asking about how much gold they have. So here is mine right now and I will be giving update on my total.  

Right I think that will do for my first post, but ill be adding a couple of posts over the next coming week!!