Greater Inscription's still sell!

Just wanted to pass on  this little tip... if you're not selling Greater Inscription's from Mists of Pandaria, think about starting.  I'm selling them most days and right now I've got the price up at 999g on most of them. I asked some people who watch my stream on Twitch to give this market a try and let me know how it goes. I've had some really good feedback with people seeing really good results.

Craft or buy the Inks

This is the hard part when it comes down to making these items, as the Inks are made using Misty Pigment which you don't get every time you mill the herbs. Here are a list of the herbs needed.

Fool's Cap
Green Tea Leaf
Rain Poppy
Snow Lily
Desecrated Herb

I would say that I craft 95% of all my Starlight Ink's as they can cost up to 100g on my realm, I am sometimes lucky and pick up the odd stack or two. Check your realm as it might be easier to buy the inks then craft, also you can trade 10x Warbinder Ink for 1x Starlight Ink it all depends on the prices of the materials. When I'm buying materials I try to stick to not paying more then 50g (Target Price) per item.

Hopes this little post helps...



tales of Gold Ep 3 New markets...more gold!

Welcome to Ep 3 of Tales of Gold a podcast about gold making in World of warcraft... 

 As always I will tell you about what I've been up too in WoW over the last 2 weeks.
 • Been working hard to set up 2 new markets, selling bars and Battle Pets. I will go over more detail later in the show.
 • I finally got Pathfinder and my Corrupted Dreadwing mount. 
• Leveling using the Excess potion of accelerated learning . 
• Garrison's, trying to make gold!!

 Wow News 

 • 50% off Mounts and Pets thought to Jan 4th. Also you can buy the Brightpaw pet which cost £9 in the uk and 100% of the fee goes to Make-A-Wish. 
• Legion Alpha, you can explore two areas now, which are Stormheim and Highmountain.
 • Winter Veil starts on the 16th. Gold Making News Not too much to really talk about. 
• Sapu from TradeskillMaster has posted on reddit about a new desktop app this post can be found at...
https://www.reddit.com/r/woweconomy/comments/3wjove/public_beta_of_new_tsm_desktop_application_r300/ and it has been released today at Tradeskillmaster.com

• Yourwowmoney have a new podcast out, so check that out at yourwowmoney.com

 Main topic 

 Smelting/selling barsCheck out this guide its awesome. Sterling Smelting guide 

 Battle Pets- Not been a market that I've done before and didn't think I would, but after talking to my friend Morricade about it one night streaming I thought I would give it a go.

 Check out this link for pets and prices. https://theunderminejournal.com/#eu/the-maelstrom/category/battlepets 

 You can find me at.... 
 Twitter- @the00shinn
 Blog- www.shinnstalesofgold.com 
Twitch- www.twitch.tv/the00shinn 

 You can also email any question to shinnstales@gmail.com 



BlizzCon: Professions, plus more and how or if I'm going to change in Legion.


Well, what can I say about BlizzCon...it was awesome, well the parts i saw anyway. I'm going to talk about Professions and Transmog and anything else that I think of as i go along.


I had to wait until Day 2, but it was worth the wait as the World of Warcraft: Legion game system panel gave us a little insight. The first thing they said about professions was "we want to give you more stuff to do". I'm happy with that right away...

Below is a list of  points that I would like to talk about:
  • Trainers.
  • Recipes are learnt from all over the place.
  • Profession quest lines.
  • Professions New UI.
  • Recipe Ranks.
  • Obliterum.
  • Craft at your own pace.
  • Crafted gear should be special.
  • Glyphs.
  • Runes.
  • Gathering.
  • Secondary professions.
  • Crispy Bacon.
  • Transmog


Blizzard have said that there won't be the normal trainers that we are used to, in Legion you learn recipes out in the world and from people you meet a long your way. They talked about tailoring and how you start learning about cloth (not fur) and start making a rope, but its not working very well. The cloth is rejecting the thread and just making a mess, at this point you're sent off to meet a Nightfallen, who comes from the tribe of Nightborn Elves, but was exiled. From here you start a quest line which takes you a Dalaran and learning more recipes. We were also told that gathering professions we also have quest lines and recipes to learn.

Below are a couple of screen shots showing the two trainers that you will meet.


Professions New UI.

The UI is having a make-over and as you can see from the pictures below there is something different...Recipe Ranks!! You learn the one star version and if you want to upgrade that recipe, you need to find it out in the world, these two and three star recipes upgrade, you need less mats or less time to make said items. If you want to make your items more powerful, you will need something else and I'll tell you about that after showing you the New UI where you will see that you can adds recipes to a favorite list and also a learned tab and unlearned tab. They mentioned that the unlearned will show you where you can find those recipes.

Old UI

New UI

1-3 star recipe ranks


This is the stuff that is required to upgrade your items to make them more powerful. To get Obliterum you need to get to lvl 110 and you will start a quest line that ends up with you building a Obliterum Forge in the middle of Dalaran...

Forge in the middle of Dalaran.
Obliterum is gained for destroying crafted gear. They used the example;  if you are a Jewelcrafter and wanted to make a ring with the right stats,  so you make 5 or 6 of them and you finally get the ring you wanted. You now have five rings to sell on the AH or you could take them to the forge and get Obliterum. The Obliterum is then used to make the ring you wanted even more powerful!! I think this could help us gold makers because not only are people wanting to buy items they may also buy the items to take to the forge for Obliterum...the only thing I don't know is can you sell it on the AH?

Craft at your own pace and crafted gear should be special.

Not sure what I can say about the 'craft at your own pace', does that mean not so many cool-downs? Or are they saying there is so much stuff to do, we will be busy and there is no need to rush? I wanted more information , but they moved on to our next point...Crafted gear should be special.

Blizzard want crafted gear not to be a copy of raid gear, below you can see two crafted items. The left one is made from Engineering which is a goggles shaped like a gun with fire bullets!! The one on the right is necklace made for a Warrior as it has run increase while Enraged. Also all rings and necklaces will have a gem slot. I can see Jewelcrafting being back in favour with rings and necklaces having gems slot, but also having items which only certain classes can only use... 

Engineering:                                                                        Jewelcrafting:

Is changing so much...Blizzard feel that major glyphs are redundant are removing them from the game!! I was nearly in tears at this point thinking what am I going to do in Legion now. After I calmed down and listened some more, they went on to talk about minor glyphs and what role they will play. Minor glyphs will now be a consumable item which you add to the spells in your spellbook and not learnt like before. Take a look at the pictures below showing a minor glyph and then how it works once applied.

Right click the glyph to add to spell.

Show how the glyph will work now added.

There is a restriction of one glyph per spell, but you can have as many glyphs as you want...

Inscription is also getting a new consumable, which lasts a week, but you can only use one at a time. These Runes are used to help fight  bosses which you might be stuck on and need a little help. I only have one Rune I can show you, buy hopefully there will be lots of others to make.

New to Inscription.

 Secondary Professions

Archaeology is going to have its own campaign going over several months where you find lots of things that you can use and there are pets to be found.

Cooking, they are bringing back a Panda to help with new recipes ( sorry they did say who, but I'm not sure who he is). Plus I nearly forgot, you will be able to make...

I love bacon!!

Fishing...I love fishing as you just can sit there and watch something else on the other monitor whilst doing it, however they now want fishing to be more of an adventure. Not sure what this means, but it sounds like fun.


In Legion there will be a Wardrobe for gear.
  • Item appearances are automatically added to your wardrobe.
  • You can toss the item once unlocked.
  • Account wide.
Here is a look at the new Transmogrity UI.

The death of some gold makers!!

They have also added a tab for outfits, which is really useful for people who love transmog. 

Outfits made easy.
The outfits can also be linked, so you can share with your friends. They didn't finish there, they also did these points below...

  • All item in your bank, void storage and inventory are automatically unlocked.
  • Items awarded from every quest you have ever completed.
  • Items you may not have chosen.
  • You can hide your Shoulders.
  • Three new transmoggable slots- Weapons, Shirts, Tabards!!


Just got one more thing to say here...all nodes are now shared, so no more rushing over to get that herb before someone else does!!

What does this mean to me and gold making?

First thing I'm going to say is...I can't wait for Legion to drop so i can get my teeth into professions and seeing where I can make lots of gold. 

I love the way you have to go and find recipes and go on quests to build up a story along the way. 

The new UI looks good, but I use TSM for crafting and wont be using this very much apart from looking for recipes that I don't have. Recipes ranks could be using as gold makers we are always worrying about mat prices, so if we can save on mats and time, I'm up for that!

Crafting gear looks like it could be a good market, as they have said they don't want it to be a copy of raid gear. The two items that they talked about look really cool and I can see lots of people wanting to get hold of these items. 

Jewelcrafting is looking like it might be the market leader in my view, but what do I know? Lets just wait and see.

The upgrading of items using Obliterum sounds like it could be a really good market to get into, selling the items that people are going to destroy. There is going to be items that nobody wants to use, these items could sell very well, it might just take a while to work out which ones don't get used. I'm not sure how I stand on if I want Obliterum to be available on the AH...i think we could make more gold from selling the items for people to do themselves.

Inscription changes were a big blow when they first started talking and I was thinking, shit there goes 20-50k a week gone, but after i thought about it I don't feel too bad now. I'm still going to have minor glyphs to sell and now you can add one to every spell you have. I'm hopeful that people will go out and buy one for every spell, glyphs is still going to be a big market for me. The new Runes added I'm not so sure about, time will tell.

I used to love cooking and the rest of the secondary professions and i might dip my feet back in with making some Crispy Bacon, as this could be used a lot in raids. Can't wait to get out and fish in Legion and see what happens...

Transmog, is it dead? I'm not feeling very upbeat at the moment. When they started talking about the wardrobe it was bad, but when they said its account bound i was like shit! I don't know what else I can say right now, as I'm still in shock!!

The last thing i want to say is....I am pretty happy about the change in gathering...and now its time for bed!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.



Really want to start a Podcast about gold making...


I have been thinking about this for a long time and I have decided that I need to sort myself out and put it out there to see what people think of the idea. I really miss gold making podcasts and I have decided that I want to do my part.

The question is, does the gold making world need more podcasts?  I personally think we do and in the past I'm sure there were several of them around. There is currently only one pod cast called Your WoW Money which I do listen too and I would certainly recommend. There are also people out there who still write really good blogs, but I think having a bi-weekly pod cast could be a nice change and would also fit in around the others.

Planning Stage.

Only one issue.....I don't have any experience in pod casting! But i guess you have to start somewhere.  The only thing I have got is my recording program, which I haven't used in years. I have been thinking about the music for the start of the show and I've been lucky here and a friend of mine is going to write me something. I also want to use some voice overs for certain parts of the show, so if anyone out there has any ideas or wants to help with the voice overs, please send me an email.

Length wise, I'm think around the 15 minute mark, I want to focus on gold making and maybe an overview about my week in WoW . I'd like to talk about what markets I'm working on and provide tips to pass on to the listeners. I currently don't spend a lot of time researching and reading up on different ways to make gold, but I know that if I want to deliver a good show I will need to make sure I'm on topic in order to provide the listeners with information on what they want to hear. 

Here is a little list of topics I want to try and cover...

  • My week on WoW
  • Markets
  • Working the Auction House
  • Farming
  • Pets (buying and selling)
  • Professions
  • Other gold makers and there blogs/Twitch/YouTube
  • Gold making news
What else would you like to hear?


This has got to be the hardest thing to plan, I am so busy with work and family life at the moment and it sometimes feels like I am spinning plates and now I want to add another plate to the mix. You may think that i'm not really helping myself by doing more, but I find playing and the rest of the stuff I do in/around WoW is really relaxing.

My target date is 13/12/2015, which gives me around six weeks to put the pilot show together. Wish me luck as i think I might need it!!



Is it me or has gold making changed?

The first point I want to make is...

Why have they changed professions so much since the end of  Mist of Pandaria? I don't like the way Professions are set out, far too many cooldown's and the way it works with your Garrison does my head in, doing those work orders just so you get the materials that you need. Their was no way of just hitting the ground running and making good profit. I felt like the cooldowns dictated the time scale on the high end items, which as I'm only just getting into the game again, puts me miles behind everyone.
I'm not saying, I should be able to produce high value items straight  away, but if I work hard and know that if I put the effort in I would like to see the rewards sooner and not just having to wait 15 days to make one item. One last thing to say about professions is...I just want to have fun lvling them up and looking forward to get the next set of designs/plans whatever else they're called.

It does feel  like I'm having a bit of a rant and I know that WoD has been out for nearly a year now and other people have most likely said the same thing, but I wanted to give my point of view. The good news in that Blizzard have said that they're putting a team to work on profession and know they messed up. So fingers crossed...

 My second point is about the gold making community.

When I first started gold making over 2 years ago, there was so many people writing blogs about gold making and streaming, but now their doesn't seem to be many out there...
In my eyes people were always willing to help anyone who asked and I think this set us apart from other groups/communities. Yes we all love making gold, but didn't mind passing this information on (unless they were playing on your realm) and this is why I blog and stream on Twitch. I love streaming and answering people questions and I will do my best to help anyone. I doesn't bother me if I have to stop what I'm doing and take 30 mins explaining something on TSM, because being interactive is what it's all about and not just me playing World of Warcraft.

we are lucky in our community and have some awesome websites that are the backbone of how I make gold, they offer loads of advice and guidance. I check these sites on a daily basis and I have provided the links below for you to go and take a look yourselves:

The Consortium WoW Gold Forums
The Undermine Journal

Below is also a list of people who I follow that create blogs and stream about gold making:

Phat Lewts Gold. writes about gold making and a must read.
Profitz streams on Twitch and has written an addon that helps you make gold.
The Gold Queen writes a lot about gold making and sometimes streams on Twitch.

Personally, I would like to thank a friend of mine, who has helped me in-game and has always been there when I needed advice...thanks Morricade!

So this next part is down to you guys, Who is still out there gold making?



Feels like Day 1 again in gold making...

Well my new computer is here!! I'm back in-game and I cant wait to get in and start gold making...but the question is...where do I start!?!
Lovely view...

Looks a bit Steath

I'm probably just going to quest for a while, I want to ease myself into it and I've got to say I am quite enjoying the quest/storyline at the start, by end of day two I got  Fearsom to lvl92 and I must admit I haven't even looked at any addons needed for gold making, that changed on day three, as I have been invited to TMS3 and I can't wait to get started.

Wow...can't believe how much stock I lost, I was hoping it wasn't going to be this bad, but I've lost over 90%. Crikey!! Where do I start? Flipping Cata & MoP greens (77-79, 83-84) was always a good gold maker. Glyph's and Transmog too. I went straight onto the AH to buy stock and I have started doing the markets below, these used to be really good sellers, but it would help if I had some stock.

Starting Markets

MarketsMin PriceNormal PriceMax Price
Vendor Items12g50g100g
Cata Green Armor150g295g500g
Cata Green Weapons200g395g500g
MoP Green Armor150g295g500g
MoP Green Weapons200g295g500g
Glyphs70% DBMinBuyout100% DBMinBuyout250% DBMinBuyout
Old Enchants35% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg100% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg250% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg
Old Mats50% DBMinBuyout120% DBMinBuyout170% DBMinBuyout
Transmog50% DBGlobalMarketAvg125% DBGlobalMarketAvg250% DBGlobalMarketAvg
Old Engineering50% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg105% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg200% DBGlobalMinBuyoutAvg

Glyph's right now are seem to be selling quite well, but  obviously I need to restock and to do this I'll be using TSM Crafting which works really well when trying to sell Glyph's. I have added some pictures below.

First thing I did was to do is set up a operation in the crafting tab and add it to my glyph's group. 

My one for glyph's is very simple.

Once the operation has been set up, open up Inscription and this is how it should look.

Now ready to gather the materials.

This box will open up after clicking the gather tab.

By the time I had finished, I had had spent over 8000g, which does seen a lot, but I needed to restock so much stuff.

Week 1 update

I'm going to try and update the blog with a weekly total, showing how much I've spent and also, giving a breakdown of  my purchases and sales, picking out the best items each week.

1000g for the mine, but should make that back from the ore.
Most of the purchases have been green Cata/Mop items and herbs to rebuild my stock of glyph's up.

Not massive sales #slowstart
Here are some of my best sales from the week...

Heavy Savage Leather                   

I'm in the black, so all is good. Fingers crossed next week is better.

I'm not going to lie and say its been a fun week trying to find out what sells and what doesn't and I know I can make gold in World of Warcraft, it just may take a little bit of time to work out my realm. Next week, I am going to work really hard on my pricing and where I can make more gold from my professions, I have only really levelled Alchemy and Tailoring, but after talking to my buddy Morricade, I am about to start levelling my Enchanting and Inscription, Morricade told me that he is making quite a bit of gold from WoD enchants, so I am going to give it a try.



It's been a while, but I'm back...

Hi fellow gold makers, 

I'm happy to say that after a year with no access to a computer to play World of Warcraft on and being really busy in real life...i am back!!!!!!! 

I have just ordered a new computer which is currently being built as I write this post...yippeee :)

I have really missed playing World of Warcraft and I can't wait to get back in-game to start making lots of gold & being part of the community again. For the past nine months I have kept myself away from all things WoW related but lately I have been working my way back, reading blog's and listening to podcasts. 

Hopefully within the next week and a half, i should receive my new computer, it should take around a day to set up, so i should be back up and running in around 2 weeks’ time. Firstly i am going to take it slow and try to work out what markets/professions I will need to work on in order to start replenishing my gold, due to my son robbing me of 200,000 to help pay for his WoW tokens.

Unfortunately I feel like I'm starting from scratch because I've lost around 70% of my stock due to it being left in my mail box but it shouldn't take me long to restock, thinking of starting with the basic markets i.e. Transmog and flipping mats.

I have heard lots of negative stuff about Garrisons and how much time people need to spend working and completing missions/chores, although this sounds like a drag, I am looking forward to dipping my toe in and giving it a go!  I just need to remember that I don't have time to play all day (wife's words not mine), so time management is key in this area.

With regards to my streaming, I can’t commit to a date at the moment as I am unsure how on long things will take me to set everything up but I will keep you updated and I don’t plan on leaving it too long. I just don’t want it to seem rushed!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to writing more in the coming future.