Vendor Items.......I still laugh every time I sell one!!

Here is a little guide about buying and selling Vendor Items on the Auction House!

On this post I'm going to write about Vendor Items and why it can be a fun market to get into. First thing i want to say is there are some people who play World of Warcraft, who still don't know what they're doing and there are some who are just lazy. These are the people we're trying to sell too, because everyone of these items can be bought from a NPC in Orgrimmar . I've only done Orgimmar, but if you want to find out where you can buy these items in any other city's, visit Wowhead.

Below you will see a little map of Orgimmar and more info about what items to buy and who from......(check out my amazing skills using paint)


Kithas- Enchanting
ItemVendor Price My Price on AH
Star Wood36s15g
Simple Wood31c2g 50s
Copper Rod1s 24c65g

I sell Copper Rod's all the time, so I know the price looks high and you may need to mess around a bit until you find your best price. I've not been selling Star Wood long, but I've so far it looks good at the 15 gold price.

Kor'geld- Alchemy
ItemVendor PriceMy Price on AH
Crystal Vial20c2g 50s
You we sell lots of these if you set the price right!!

ItemVendor PriceMy Price on AH
Coal4s2g 50s
Elemental Flux2g 40s10g
Weak Flux80c2g 50s
Strong Flux16s10g

First time selling myself, so I might have to change the price around a bit......but I did sell some Strong Flux in the first 1st hour of putting them on the Auction House.

Tamar- Leatherworking
ItemVendor PriceMy Price on AH
Black Dye50c2g 50s
Blue Dye50c2g 50s
Red Dye50c2g 50s
Orange Dye10s2g 50s
Purple Dye25s2g 50s
Coarse Thread10s2g 50s
Pink Dye25s10g
Ethernium Thread3g10g
Fine Thread1s2g 50s
Silken Thread5s10g
Heavy Silken Thread20s2g 50s
Rune Thread50s2g 50s
Salt50c2g 50s

The Dye's are not big sellers, but I keep trying to sell them. Eternium Thread always sells, just make sure you have the price set above 3 gold.......

Moraka- Insciption
ItemVendor PriceMy Price on AH
Vanishing Powder8s15g
Dust of Disappearance12g 50s15g
Tome of the Clear Mind40s10g
Light Parchment15c2g 50s
Plain wooden Staff19c65g

I sell all of these items apart from the Plain Wooden Staff. This one is new to me and I might have to change the price until I get it right.

Suja- Cooking
ItemVendor PriceMy Price on AH
Simple Flour5c2g 50s
Mild Spices2c2g 50s

These are new to me as well!!

Sovik- Engieering
ItemVendor PriceMy Price on AH
Hair Trigger90s15g
Heavy Stock20s10g
Walnut Stock5g15g
Wooden Stock1s 60c2g 50s
Engineer's Ink16s10g
Not really been big into selling the Stock's and Trigger's, but thought I would give it a go and see what gold I can make!!

TradeSkillMaster Video

I'm going to be doing a video showing how to set up these groups using TSM in the next couple of days, So make sure you keep an eye out for that!! Plus if you want to leave a comment telling me my prices are wrong or if its helped you.....please do or drop me an email to talesofgold@gmail.com and ill copy it into the post............

I hope this helps you start your own Vendor Item market.....its not going to get you to gold cap, but as I said Every Copper Counts!!


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