Really want to start a Podcast about gold making...


I have been thinking about this for a long time and I have decided that I need to sort myself out and put it out there to see what people think of the idea. I really miss gold making podcasts and I have decided that I want to do my part.

The question is, does the gold making world need more podcasts?  I personally think we do and in the past I'm sure there were several of them around. There is currently only one pod cast called Your WoW Money which I do listen too and I would certainly recommend. There are also people out there who still write really good blogs, but I think having a bi-weekly pod cast could be a nice change and would also fit in around the others.

Planning Stage.

Only one issue.....I don't have any experience in pod casting! But i guess you have to start somewhere.  The only thing I have got is my recording program, which I haven't used in years. I have been thinking about the music for the start of the show and I've been lucky here and a friend of mine is going to write me something. I also want to use some voice overs for certain parts of the show, so if anyone out there has any ideas or wants to help with the voice overs, please send me an email.

Length wise, I'm think around the 15 minute mark, I want to focus on gold making and maybe an overview about my week in WoW . I'd like to talk about what markets I'm working on and provide tips to pass on to the listeners. I currently don't spend a lot of time researching and reading up on different ways to make gold, but I know that if I want to deliver a good show I will need to make sure I'm on topic in order to provide the listeners with information on what they want to hear. 

Here is a little list of topics I want to try and cover...

  • My week on WoW
  • Markets
  • Working the Auction House
  • Farming
  • Pets (buying and selling)
  • Professions
  • Other gold makers and there blogs/Twitch/YouTube
  • Gold making news
What else would you like to hear?


This has got to be the hardest thing to plan, I am so busy with work and family life at the moment and it sometimes feels like I am spinning plates and now I want to add another plate to the mix. You may think that i'm not really helping myself by doing more, but I find playing and the rest of the stuff I do in/around WoW is really relaxing.

My target date is 13/12/2015, which gives me around six weeks to put the pilot show together. Wish me luck as i think I might need it!!


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