tales of Gold Ep 3 New markets...more gold!

Welcome to Ep 3 of Tales of Gold a podcast about gold making in World of warcraft... 

 As always I will tell you about what I've been up too in WoW over the last 2 weeks.
 • Been working hard to set up 2 new markets, selling bars and Battle Pets. I will go over more detail later in the show.
 • I finally got Pathfinder and my Corrupted Dreadwing mount. 
• Leveling using the Excess potion of accelerated learning . 
• Garrison's, trying to make gold!!

 Wow News 

 • 50% off Mounts and Pets thought to Jan 4th. Also you can buy the Brightpaw pet which cost £9 in the uk and 100% of the fee goes to Make-A-Wish. 
• Legion Alpha, you can explore two areas now, which are Stormheim and Highmountain.
 • Winter Veil starts on the 16th. Gold Making News Not too much to really talk about. 
• Sapu from TradeskillMaster has posted on reddit about a new desktop app this post can be found at...
https://www.reddit.com/r/woweconomy/comments/3wjove/public_beta_of_new_tsm_desktop_application_r300/ and it has been released today at Tradeskillmaster.com

• Yourwowmoney have a new podcast out, so check that out at yourwowmoney.com

 Main topic 

 Smelting/selling barsCheck out this guide its awesome. Sterling Smelting guide 

 Battle Pets- Not been a market that I've done before and didn't think I would, but after talking to my friend Morricade about it one night streaming I thought I would give it a go.

 Check out this link for pets and prices. https://theunderminejournal.com/#eu/the-maelstrom/category/battlepets 

 You can find me at.... 
 Twitter- @the00shinn
 Blog- www.shinnstalesofgold.com 
Twitch- www.twitch.tv/the00shinn 

 You can also email any question to shinnstales@gmail.com