Tales of Gold Ep 6

On this Podcast I talk about the video guides that I've started for TradeSkillMaster 3, only done two so far, but working on more! Talk about how you can make some extra gold by running LFR's as a healer or tank (500g plus armor and runes).

 I tell you about how it went when I was a guest on Your WoW Money Podcast with Joe and Deadgreed. News in World of Warcraft Garrison changes look like they're coming in Legion, which I talk about and what the future holds for garrisons in Legion.
 Check out this post below:
The future of passive garrison gold making in Legion.

 Talk a little bit about Love In the Air...it's the last day, but I give a tip about getting some last minute charms.
Here is the link for more info.
lovely charm farm 2000 hr mogoshun

 Water Striders and how they won't be able to walk on water in Legion.

 If you want to see more stuff done by me, check out my links below...
YouTube TradeSkillMaster 3 guides

 Hope you enjoy the show.