Engeering.....can I make gold from it?

Testing out new market

On Sunday 2/3/2014 I thought I would see if I could make  gold from selling items crafted from Engineering. I'm doing this because sometimes I think you need to try different ways of making gold and not doing the same old routine. 

I already had an Engineering at max level so I can make most items. Here is a list of what I've made and tried to sell.....

So far after setting the auctions for 48 hours I have sold none!! So I think I need to do this for at least a week to get really good if worth my time and effort! I've been over to The Undermine Journal to see what is selling in Engineering......answer, not a lot. There doesn't seem to lots going on. The only thing that seems to be common is the Sky Golem which everyone is trying to sell.If I really take my time and find out what people are after I could get a foothold in this market.


Over the next 2 weeks, I'm going to research this market and only craft gear/parts which might not be worth lots of profit, but know they'll sell.