Engineering.....can I make gold from it? Results


Here is the follow up post about how I got on finding out the best way of making gold from Engineering. At first I posted everything that TradeSkillMaster crafting module said I could make profit on.......this wasn't a good start!!! I didn't sell anything in the first 48 hours.......

After that awful start, I took a look on the Auction House to find out what was being posted by other Engineers. I found lots of parts for sale, but I'm not sure if the sell very fast or for a good profit. The only items that seem to sell were the the Tinker's Gears. I started to focus on that part of the market and its been a bit slow, but I'm starting to get some sales and hopefully get a foot hold and become the main seller of these items.

From this picture you can see that I've only sold five out of the possible eight Tinker Gears. I do post all off them, but no luck on the other three.

Price List

These are my settings that I use in TradeSkillMaster.
Minimum price-110% wowuctionmarket
Normal Price- 170% wowuctionmarket
Maximum Price- 300% wowuctionmarket  

Please note you will need to make sure that you're using this addon.....TradeSkillMaster_WoWuction  if you want to use the pricing above.         
I want to add one Item that I haven't started to sell yet,this is the Ghost Iron Dragonling  which sells for around the 250g  and the crafting costs are 80g. So I would take a little look at your Auction House prices and see if this could be added onto the list above.

I was hoping for Engineering to become a big market of mine, but I think I just need to keep posting the Gear's and maybe the Ghost Iron Dragonling until the WoD!!