Why do I have so many gathering professions? Part 2

Its been a week since Part 1 and I've started to change my ways!!


I've dropped Herbalism and added Tailoring and I've already lvled up to 300. It took me one night to do this and I was surprised how easy it was. I only got stuck on one point, when I ran out of Rune Cloth and had to go and farm some. That took me about a hour to get what was needed, but it was worth it because a couple of XMog pieces dropped!!

When I first started buying the materials I needed to go from 1-300, I was thinking this was going to cost me big time!! So I had to think about how I was going to get my gold back....

The Plan

The plan is to sell anything above crafting price and DE the rest and then sell the materials back though the Auction House. I'm going to be monitoring how much I spent and how much I make back from sales.. 


I have changed both of her professions to Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting. I have done the same as with Fearsom and lvled 1-300. Plus I'm going to be using The Plan to get gold back. I found  lvling Jewelcrafting easier and cheaper then Tailoring, but Blackgsmithing was a right pain and cost me over twice as much and I didn't use the Ghost Iron short cut. I thought for this blog I would do it the old way!!


I have done a table, so you can see how much I spent on mats and how much gold i made back from selling some crafted items the disenchanting the rest and then selling the materials on the Auction House.

ProfessionsMaterial Costs (Gold)Sales (Gold)Cost (1-300)

I also have around 3.000 gold worth of materials on the Auction House right now, but it may take a while to move.

You can see the only profession that I made a profit on was Jewelcrafting, this was done from a mix of disenchanting/selling materials and prospecting ore. Prospecting ore was the main reason that I made 1757g from Jewelcrafting and its given me a idea. I'm going to start buying up any cheap ore that I've used so far in Jewelcrafting and Prospecting it for Simple gems. I know not all of the materials that I get from the ore is going to be worth a lot.......but something like Moss Agate sells for up to 35g each!!

Here is a list of Simple Gems that I'm going to try and sell...

Prospected from Tin and Iron Ore
Jade- 2-5 gold each
Aquamarine 5-10 gold each

Prospected from Thorium and Mithril Ore
Huge Emerald 10-20 gold each
Blue Sapphire 15-25 gold each
Azerothian Diamond 20-30 gold each
Moss Agate 25-35 gold each, ore needed is 

Now you know where you can get these Simple Gems from, you need to make sure that its worth while paying for the Ore. Prospecting uses 5 pieces of ore, so before you buy go and 
check the prices of the gems and make sure that its profitable.  

Example 1: Jade is 2g 50s each , Iron Ore is 75s = No Profit

Example 2: Huge Emerald is 12g each, Mithril Ore is 2g 45s = No Profit

Example 3: Blue Sapphire is 13g each, Mithril Ore is 2g 40s= Profit

Example 1: Its easy to see why there is no profit from Prospecting, because the cost of the Ore is too much.
Example 2: Has no profit because the cost of the Ore is cheaper then the gem, but you need to add on 5% cut from the Auction House.
Example 3: Is fine because the Ore is cheap and you know that even after the Auction House cut you still make a profit!! 

That will do for this part of the post.....but keep an eye out for Part 3, where i push onto 600!!!


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