What a week i've had!!

What a week

This has been a very important week for we with starting this blog and dipping my toe into the streaming world. I've also been thinking of starting a pod cast, but I need to do some more planning on that front. 

Good start

Well to start off, my blog has gone very well, with lots of nice things said about it. Thank you to everyone for your input!! I really enjoy telling people my story's about gold making and hopefully some of the stuff that I post helps other people....

Rubbish middle

But part from the blog this week hasn't gone so well.........I did my first stream on twitch the other day and I think I spent most of my time playing around with settings!! I was lucky that GoblinRaset popped in for a chat and helped out. So I thought I would try again last night and it went even worst then the first time lol. I did start to think, I'm not cut out for this streaming malarkey. But I am not going to give up, so if you want to see how bad/good I am follow the00shinn and come and take a look.

The unknown 

Could this week get any worst??? I don't know still got the rest of today left and tomorrow, wish me luck!!